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Welcome to Kunwar Yoga Teacher Training School In Dehradun, India

Kunwar Yoga School based Fastest & Growing Best Yoga Teacher Training School in Dehradun, India We are a Registered Yoga School under YOGA ALLIANCE USA, Mr. Ajitesh Kunwar Founder of Kunwar Yoga - he is registered RYT-500 Hour and E-RYT-200 Hour Yoga Teacher in Yoga Alliance USA. Our Yoga Teacher is Very Young & Full Practical Knowledge have every Yoga Asanas & Poses, Lots of Photos & Videos we have related yoga. Our all teachers from Garhwal-Uttarakhand based. If you join our Yoga Centre you will learn lots of advance Yoga, Meditation, Retreat & many more...

Kunwar Yoga is based on Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. We teach the fundamentals of traditional Hatha Yoga Primary Series along with dynamism of Vinyasa Flow Classes. We Offer Residential Yoga Facility also.

Kunwar Yoga Provides - International Yoga Alliance, USA Certificate Courses - 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Both of these complement each other, the prescribed sequence of The Primary Series along with the creativity of Vinyasa Flow Classes. We offer you a unique programme that allows you to further develop your practice effectively with immediate results.!

At Kunwar Yoga, you can find yoga courses for your skill level. Based on Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga, fundamentals are the basis of our traditional classes. Our teachers are knowledgeable and fully trained in poses and asanas. You will learn much under their guidance. Ajitesh Kunwar & his Team are our Yoga Teachers. The Centre name is Kunwar Yoga, in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. 

Our Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Retreat Courses

  • 100 Hour YTTC - International Certificate
  • 200 Hour YTTC - International Certificate
  • 300 Hour YTTC - International Certificate
  • 7 Days Yoga Retreat
  • 14 Days Yoga Retreat
  • 10 Days Beginner Course

Our Online Yoga Teacher Training Course and Online Yoga Classes

  • Online 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • Online 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • Online Special Yoga Poses Classes
  • Online Yoga for Beginners
  • Online Advanced Yoga Classes
  • Online Private Yoga Classes
  • Online Health Issues Yoga Classes

Best Yoga Classes in Dehradun - Kunwar Yoga


Our Professional Yoga Instructors will teach yoga and meditation according to your needs and give individual attention to get the maximum benefits from the yoga practice.

group yoga classes in dehradun

Group Yoga Classes

Group Yoga classes are an incredible method to share and investigate procedure and development while expanding upon the aggregate energy in the room. We have profoundly talented instructors

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private yoga classes in dehradun

Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes in dehradun with the same aspects, but with a more profound & intensive approach of training. The personalized lessons will benefit you in ways you have never imagined.

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home yoga classes in dehradun

Home Yoga Classes

Home Yoga Classes in Dehradun Uttarakhand - Looking to start a healthier lifestyle? We offer the best 60 minutes of regular home yoga classes. We have highly skilled and dedicated teachers.

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online yoga classes in dehradun

Online Yoga Classes

I would say, an all-around considered online workshop in dehradun is absolutely justified, despite any trouble. They give flexibility, community, and access to the materials whenever you need them.

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beginners 7 day yoga retreat classes in dehradun

Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat are constructed in a sublime manner to stimulate your body, mind, and soul. Every practice session will be initiated with the spiritual chanting of Mantras.

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yoga certificate course classes in dehradun

Yoga Certificate Course

We offers the opportunity for students to come and increase their training level and immerse themselves into their practice with the Hatha Yoga 100 Hour Yoga Certificate Course

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yoga treatment classes in dehradun

Yoga Treatment Classes

Yoga Treatment Classes is training that associates the body, breath, and psyche. It utilizes actual stances, breathing activities, and contemplation to improve by and large wellbeing.

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yoga therapy classes in dehradun

Yoga Therapy Classes

Yoga Therapy Classes - Get your yoga treatment confirmation and become a yoga specialist with our adaptable online Foundations yoga treatment course or in-person Advanced preparing.

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Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dehradun, India


Kunwar Yoga is registered with Yoga Alliance USA as RYS 200 eligible to provide international certification courses to people all over the world.

Aims & Objective - Yoga Teacher Training in Dehradun India

Yoga is often misunderstood as a physical form of exercise. Many people are intimidated by it when they see accomplished yogis bending their bodies in different ways. Our team of experienced teachers knows very well that yoga is as ancient as human history and it must be taught to students in its purest form, but also keeping things relevant for today's time.

At Kunwar Yoga, our objective is to create a community of individuals with healthy bodies and minds that help our initiative to spread this life-saving methodology all around the world and ultimately achieve higher levels of consciousness collectively. 

For that to happen, we aim to make our students capable of applying the knowledge of yoga that they obtain from us, to care for people around the world and resolve their ailments, be it physical, mental, or emotional. From an individual point of view, Yoga is about unravelling the true nature of human consciousness by looking inward. Yoga is a union of consciousness with the super-conscious through personal experience.  

Yoga goes much beyond the physical body and we work towards letting individuals realize the subtler facets of yoga, beyond asana and kriyas. We have taken an initiative to make yoga reach people of all ages and backgrounds. Yoga is a complete lifestyle and it extends beyond an hour's session on your yoga mat. We aim to provide you with the best Yoga Teacher Training Course in India and help you achieve the ultimate goal of yoga, Oneness.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses at Kunwar Yoga

In these modern times where daily life has become stressful, each individual strives for peace and happiness, which are an outcome of being healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. Yoga does work on your physical dimension, which we refer to as the human body, but it also works through the more subtle aspects which transform your character and enable us to take on challenges of life head-on.

Kunwar Yoga works to its fullest capability to impart this authentic knowledge as passed on by ancient gurus. While learning yoga with us, you will meet practitioners from all around the world and share similar interests as you. You will never feel alone in such a place. The bonds that are created here in such a short period are long-lasting and pure. These friendships transcend barriers such as nationality, cultures, religions, age, gender, or even race.

Overview of Yoga Teacher Training Courses at Kunwar Yoga

yoga teacher training philosophy sessions

There is a clear emphasis on the philosophy of yoga as without understanding the core values and belief system, the knowledge of yoga is incomplete. The philosophy classes at Kunwar Yoga are conducted in an environment where classroom discussions are quite common.

The students as well as the teachers are involved in an interactive session, where core concepts of the yoga philosophy are discussed. These sessions allow our students to learn what the real essence of yoga is?

The curriculum enables individuals to develop their thinking, facilitated by a deep understanding of yogic concepts, and help alleviate their doubts and questions regarding life.

Anyone can start performing yoga asanas from the first day itself but without a clear understanding of why and how? It just becomes an aimless pursuit. Our philosophy classes include:

  • Origins of yoga and its developmental history.
  • Introduction to Six Philosophies of self-realization in the Indian context
  • An introduction to Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yog Pradipika.
  • Yogic Ideologies and thought, as described in ancient yogic scriptures.

yoga teacher training anatomy physiology

It is indeed interesting that yoga is much more than just the physical body, but the first step towards understanding yoga begins at the level of the body itself. The understanding of human anatomy is especially relevant in these modern times where so many diseases are halting the limitless potential every human being has.

It is really easy for you to look up the internet and learn a yoga pose and its benefits. The knowledge is incomplete if you do not have a clear understanding of the human organism. The anatomy sessions are designed to help students understand the human physiology and align the practice with this knowledge and observe and evaluate their health benefits. Our anatomy classes cover:

  • Understanding of the Human body and its different systems such as the Nervous, Musculoskeletal, and Respiratory systems.
  • Benefits and contraindications of Yoga practices to design personalized yoga practices for every individual.
  • Why immunity is important and learning practices to strengthen it.

yoga teacher training asana sessions

Asanas are a way to prepare the human body for opening up to the subtler aspects of yoga. If you do not have a healthy body and mind, you cannot advance in your yogic journey.

At Kunwar yoga, the asana sessions are focused on the correct alignment and the yoga flow, both of which have become the essential part of modern yoga. The correct alignment of yoga poses to enable you to achieve a still body and mind, and also open your body and mind to receive what the universe has in store for you.

Flow in yoga is essential for an effortless practice and prepares you to navigate throughout tough times in life.

Keeping these two aspects at the forefront, Kunwar Yoga also ensures that traditional practices of Yoga are not compromised, which prepare you to be as still as possible when you sit down for your meditation practices.

Our asana classes are comprehensively structured so that the practitioners achieve an even balance between the practice of static postures and dynamic flow.

Some key features of asana sessions include.

  • Yoga postures with alignment, adjustments, and modifications as well as benefits and contradictions.
  • Aligning breath with yoga poses and flows.
  • Use and benefits of mudras.
  • Understanding and practicing different variations of Sun-salutations, known as Surya Namaskar in yoga.
  • Understanding and practicing different flow sequences.

yoga teacher training pranayama

According to Yogic scriptures Prana, the life force, is the basic energy that allows individuals to exist. It is regarded as a breath within human beings. Life-changing benefits can occur if an individual can learn to regulate his breath.

There is a wide variety of pranayamas in the yogic tradition, each focusing on different aspects of human existence. On a physical level, the regular practice of pranayama purifies the body of impurities and can elevate your mental state.

Scientific research around the world is proving that the regular practice of pranayama can change the structure of your brain and cause you to function as a superhuman, which is conscious of his body and its surroundings. The practice of pranayama generally follows the asana session.

A pranayama session at Kunwar Yoga is systematically designed to enable the practitioners a complete yoga practice and also help alleviate their physical, mental, as well as emotional ailments.

For the advanced practitioner, pranayama is a tool towards achieving self-realization and raising their consciousness to unprecedented levels. By regulating the breath, an individual can regulate his complete being.

Kunwar Yoga Pranayama Practice/Sessions involves:

  • Breathing techniques to improve the overall immunity and functioning of the respiratory system.
  • Reducing stress through breath regulation.
  • Learning the importance of slow, rhythmic, and diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Learning Kumbhak/breath retention, its significance, and its applications.

yoga teacher training mantra sessions

Mantras are reverberations that are uttered by an individual to achieve a specific goal. For apprehensive people, modern science has revealed that the entire universe is a reverberation of sound and things are attracted to you if you can create the same resonance.

Traditionally, mantras have been used to liberate the mind from its limitations. In mantra classes with us, our students learn how to develop an inner space for a meditational journey by using these mantras.

In Mantra sessions, instructors at Kunwar Yoga guide the participant step by step to use mantras as a tool to experience the real self. The mantras are recited before beginning every asanas session and at the end of it.

This ethic is followed at our school to create a discipline where mantras are inculcated into daily practice and individuals can experience the benefits as they move forward in their spiritual journey.

At Kunwar yoga, our mantra sessions include:

  • Teaching mantras with their correct pronunciations and modulations.
  • Explanation of the significance of each mantra as explained in ancient Indian scriptures.
  • Creating a collective consciousness that is aimed at the complete transformation of the self.

yoga teacher training meditation sessions

The world is no stranger to the benefits of meditation. It is a tool that is being used for stress management and relaxation. However, the benefits of meditation surpass all the other yogic practices combined.

If you can withdraw from the external world and the sense of body and mind and focus all your energy on your actual self, there is no obstacle that you cannot overcome in this world.

Meditation is aimed at making individuals realize the true nature of their existence, which surpasses the realms of body, mind, and emotions. Self-realization is the ultimate goal of yoga and meditation is a way to achieve that.

In our meditation sessions, we provide theoretical understanding as well as practices and tools to understand the process. Practically, our meditation sessions involve:

  • Guided or meditation for self-observation.
  • Learning the skill of guiding students through the meditative process.
  • Connecting breath with the meditative state
  • Learning the process of Yog Nidra as a tool for relaxation.

yoga teacher training teaching methodology

The way a course is taught is really important as it helps the students develop their style of teaching. It is therefore really important that students are taught responsibly. Since it is a teacher's training course, we feel responsible for developing teachers that are capable of creating an atmosphere where education takes place without any hindrance. 

Teaching methodology sessions at Kunwar Yoga aim at helping individuals become a proficient Yoga Teacher, by helping individuals create self-practice routines to be able to guide others as a proficient yoga teacher. 

To create great yoga teachers, some things that are taken care of at Kunwar Yoga are:

  • Ethical guidelines for a Yoga Teacher.
  • How to plan sessions and sequencing of practices.
  • Class management as well as observation.
  • Code of conduct during a session.









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