100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala

This 100 hours Yoga teacher training course in Dharamsala is an opportunity to understanding the basics of yoga, its origins, philosophy upon which it is built and the many ways through which it is practiced. 

Over the years, we have made necessary adjustments and improvements to the program of this course so that it satisfies the specific needs of our students. Now we are confident that this course is a perfect balance and includes all the elements required to teach yoga effectively. Through the past years, we have trained hundreds of students. This experience has gone a long way to help us understand the needs of our students and make the necessary upgrades in the course curriculum.

Are you one of those who need authentic yoga training to gain skills and have results??

Would you like to be a member of an international yoga family who is ready to support your teaching career, anytime, any day? 

Do you want to be thought some of the most experienced and renown yoga teachers and at the birthplace of yoga?

100 Hour Yoga TTC in Dharamsala

At Kunwar Yoga, we offer 100 Hour Yoga TTC in Dharamsala course based on your skill level. For this course, Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga make up the fundamentals. It is the same with all our traditional classes. Our teachers are highly skilled, knowledgeable and fully trained to teach poses and asanas. 

Course Summary

100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala is structured to help aspiring teachers and those who would love to practice yoga gain vital skills. This will be learned using some specific core traditional principles of ancient yoga that will be part of the course curriculum. It is the perfect course both for those who want to take yoga as a way of living holistically or those who desire to inspire others to practice yoga by being effective at teaching it. 

As a yoga training institution in Dharamsala, we consider it our responsibility and make sure we focus on delivering the best service by making use of both traditional and contemporary yoga teacher training techniques. We are committed to making you more skillful at teaching others.  

Hatha yoga, which is what we teach, includes different practices aimed at calming your body mind and soul in preparation for proper meditation. With this practice, the emphasis is proper dieting, practices for internal purity and proper breathing techniques. 

Breathing techniques are especially important because of the role they play in regulating the body during yoga practices. This yoga technique also includes the use of asanas or body postures. 

As a whole, Hatha is a great tool for consistently walking in holistic health. It is the initial training required to reach higher stages of yoga and to experience asthma which is described as your real self. 

After making up your mind to start a yoga career, the next step is to decide what course will best suit you and those you plan to teach yoga in the future. 

Why should you choose Kunwar Yoga?

At Kunwar Yoga, we focus on offering skill and value. Our courses always bring together people from different cultures, nationalities and social status to form a family bond that offers a warm and inspiring family setting. We make learning yoga and teaching methods fun, relaxing and imparting. 

At Kunwar Yoga you’ll find

  • World-class accredited teachers
  • Classes of at most 25 students
  • Exposure to more several styles of yoga
  • An opportunity to rediscover yourself as you enjoy the mountains of India
  • A whole month interacting with like-minded yogis
  • Nutritious, homemade vegetarian Indian food.
  • A real yogic lifestyle
  • High quality at great prices

What You’ll Take Away from this course

As a graduate of Kunwar Yoga, you will be certified by Yoga Alliance, one most renown and most reliable names in yoga teacher training internationally.

You will gain the Confidence to Teach Yoga

After learning how yoga goes beyond the physical practice to improve the body, mind, and spirit, you will be more confident about the value you can deliver to those who practice yoga. 

The main goal is to help you master the practice of yoga and leave more confident to teach others.

Become part of an International Network

Kunwar Yoga is family, and you become part of the family through your time as one of our students. Along with this privilege, you gain Yoga Alliance Certification and become part of an international network known for its warmth and invaluable support over the years.

Where will this training take place?

The city of Dharamsala is known for its surrounding Himalayas. Dharamsala also vibrates with spiritual energy from the Himalayas. At Kunwar Yoga, you will be immersed in an environment suitable for physically, energetically, and spiritually practicing yoga.

Dharamsala is also home to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The word “Dharamsala” is synonymous to a spiritual hub and that for a good reason. 

At Kunwar Yoga, you will be trained and given a solid anatomy and alignment foundation to teach yoga asana. With our master teachers, you can be certain that your own practice will be more effective as you prepare to teach others.

As you become immersed in various aspects of yoga, your mind and spirit will be made calm so that you can be prepared to teach others who are willing to take on this yoga journey. We emphasize breathing techniques so that students can leave with a proper understanding of meditation, pranayama, and the chakras.

What makes our 100-hour yoga teacher training course different?

We go beyond just Asana

At Kunwar Yoga, we focus on quality and value to offer much more than just physical exercises. Our Yoga course is, therefore, life-changing.

Our courses are for everyone 

We welcome students from all social and religious backgrounds. The only requirement is a student’s interest to learn and practice Yoga.

We have the services of world-class Indian yoga teachers

At Kunwar yoga, our teachers are handpicked to ensure that you get the best training. With years of experience and exposure, they are skilled enough to personalize lessons for students. All our teachers are especially loved for their warmth and receptive nature. 


Our Yoga Pricing

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2pm to 4pm Rest & Lunch Time
4pm to 6pm Asana Classes
7pm to 9pm Dinner
10pm Light Off


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